Established in 2004 by David Welsh and Chris Major, Welsh + Major has wide ranging experience in architecture, planning and urban design.

Our approach

Welsh + Major has a reputation for creating delightful, practical and inspiring architecture. Our practice has considerable experience working on projects of varying scales and complexity, located in a wide range of environments. We are passionate about designing places, objects and spaces that are great places to be, feel wonderful to be around and that work flexibly and sustainably into the future.


We are modern-ish architects.

We consider our work with a broad modernist sensibility; using a rigorous approach that isn't constrained by the dogma of materials or austere functionality. We respond, rather than react, to programme and context, and where possible look to introduce an element of the atypical, the unexpected. We look for clarity in the process of making buildings and spaces. We are concerned about the social and environmental repercussions of how we make architecture, and how we might utilise our skills to explore ideas that challenge prevailing paradigms and consider things differently.


Our team

We come from a variety of backgrounds and hold a range interests and skillsets. Originating from 4 continents, our team of 12 have wide ranging experience in residential, public, commercial, retail and hospitality, product design and master planning projects. Clockwise from top left, David Welsh, Chris Major, Andrew Short, Camille Dauty-Denis, Zoe Lu, Zena Motashar, Matt Walker, Cameron Webb, Claire Claridge, Felicity May, Whimbrel Wilson, Danielle Severino



2018- 2021
  • 2021 NSW Architecture Awards and Houses Awards Shortlist
  • 2020 Randwick Architecture and Urban Design Award- Best Alteration
  • 2019 Australian Institute of Architects NSW Award for Heritage Architecture - Creative Adaptation
  • 2019 National Trust Award for Adaptive Re-Use
  • 2019 Eat Drink Design Awards Best Restaurant Design Commendation
  • 2018 Australian Institute of Architects Newcastle Award for Residential Architecture - Houses (Alterations + Additions)
  • 2018 Marrickville Medal Commendation
  • Australian Institute of Architects National Award for Residential Architecture - Houses (Alterations + Additions
  • Australian Institute of Architects NSW Chapter, Hugh + Eva Buhrich Award for Residential Architecture (Alterations + Additions)
  • Houses Awards Commendation, House in a Heritage Context
  • Sydney Design Awards, Residential Architecture Silver Award
  • 2014 Australian Institute of Architects, National Commendation for Heritage
  • 2014 Houses Awards, Outdoor Winner
  • 2014 Australian Institute of Architects, NSW Chapter Small Project Architecture Award
  • 2014 Australian Institute of Architects, NSW Chapter Heritage (Conservation) Architecture Award
  • 2014 Australian Institute of Architects, Victorian Chapter Single Housing Commendation
  • 2014 Think Brick Awards Roof Tile Excellence Award
  • 2012 Houses Awards High Commendation, Heritage
  • 2012 AIA NSW Chapter Awards Shortlist - Residential Alts and Adds
  • 2009 Architecture Australia AA Prize for Unbuilt Work, Special Mention
  • 2009 BPN Sustainability Awards, Highly Commended
  • 2009 Australian Institute of Architects Greenway Award for Heritage Architecture
  • 2007 Australian Institute of Architects NSW Chapter, Small Projects Award
  • 2004 Australian Institute of Architects NSW Chapter, Single Housing Alterations and Additions Commendation

Recent Publications

  • Architecture Australia March/April 2021 - The Hat Factory
  • Living Outside - Reviving the Australian modernist garden - Twin Set
  • GA Houses 164 - Twin Set and Darling Lane
  • The Material City - Former No.4 Police Station
  • Houses issue 126 - Darling Lane
  • Homes For Our Time - Annandale House
  • Houses Issue 122 - Horden Street
  • Urban Sanctuary - Pavillion in the Garden
  • Green Magazine - What I Like About You
  • GA Houses #154 - Annandale House
  • Green Magazine - Annandale House
  • Houses, October Issue - Annandale House
  • Domain, July 14-15 - Annandale House
  • Dezeen, May 30 - Annandale House
  • Architecture Bulletin, April Issue - Favourite Room
  • Domain, Sun Herald - Toxteth Road House
  • Architecture Australia, May/June Issue - Welsh + Major Architects Profile
  • Houses, Issue 107 - Welsh + Major Architects Profile
  • GA Houses #142 - The Garden Project
  • House & Garden, May Issue - Welsh + Major Architects Profile

Talks + Exhibitions

  • National Gallery of Australia Contemporary Architects Speaker Series
  • Marrickville Medal: "Architecture on show"
  • About the House, Surry Hills Library
  • UQ Architecture Public Lecture Series, State Library of Queensland
  • Brickworks DoubleTalk, Adelaide
  • Newcastle University Open Lecture: "The Practice Matters: Women in Practice"
  • Young Women's Leadership Seminar, NSW Parliament
  • Deerubbin Conference: Keynote speaker
  • Sydney Architecture Festival: Tools of the trade
  • Newcastle University: "The NEWcastle School: Past, Present, Future" exhibition, Christchurch Cathedral
  • Architecture on show: Think small v.2.0: Public Domain in Marrickville
  • Sydney Architecture Festival: HOUSING REINVENTED: Discussions on new models of home