Toxteth House

Glebe, NSW

This project questions the contemporary default of simply opening the back of the house up to the yard and making things bigger.

The kitchen is often the fulcrum of a house, no matter where it is located in plan. The kitchen of this grand inner-city terrace, typically located in the rear wing, was visually separated from a small courtyard to the rear. Rather than relocating the kitchen, we used its current position to re-focus the internal and external spaces around it; shifting the relationships between spaces, recalibrating apertures, detailing thresholds and connections, framing views and creating backdrops.

The rich detailing of the kitchen – copper, timber, marble, steel - extends out to the rear and side courtyards, with steel benches, timber cobbles, stone and concrete detailing.  This richness gives the relatively small spaces a significance and substance that belies their modest size.

Photographer: Katherine Lu