The Blue House

New South Wales

Our Clients purchased this lakeside house from the original owners some time ago. The harsh marine environment had taken its’ toll on particular elements of the house and some maintenance was required. We were engaged to address the general issues of wear and tear, whilst at the same time evaluate, update and improve upon some of the elements of the house. Our remit was not to undertake a wholesale re-think of the house, but to instead devise a series of interventions that sustained the original design intent.

Issues of operability and usability, particularly when lots of family and friends were there was an issue were addressed by a series of intercessions to make the house work a little better.

This design overlay is a complimentary tuning of the original house that sharpens up the way it works without overwhelming it, enabling the original design intent to still ring true.

Photography: Ben Guthrie

2018 Australian Institute of Architects Newcastle Award for Residential Architecture - Houses (Alterations + Additions)