Former Rocks Police Station

The Rocks, N.S.W.

Designed in early 1880’s the form of a Palladian city gate by Government Architect James Barnet, the building operated as a police station until 1974. After 35 years of varying uses and vacancy, Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority engaged Welsh + Major to design adaptations and additions to enable the building to be used as a restaurant or cafe.

A robust and elegant new dining room and entry has been introduced to the building on it's Nurse's Walk frontage, activating the pedestrian walkway and providing an accessible entry. A commercial kitchen block is inserted into the former exercise yard. New dining rooms are created in the former holding cells, charge rooms, muster room and offices. Elegantly detailed elements using brass, copper, glass and black painted steel set the building to re-engage with The Rocks in a way quite different from its' original intent.

2014 Australian Institute of Architects Heritage Award, NSW Chapter

Photography: Katherine Lu