A House With Tiles On It

Haberfield, NSW

Presented with an existing Federation house - a freestanding bungalow that had been unsympathetically added to in the sixties or seventies - our brief was to reinvigorate the home for a family of four. The result reinstates the dignity of the original home and re-connects with its site and context.

A new pavilion now re-aligns floor levels and redistributes living spaces to link the house with new winter and summer garden spaces. The pavilion from a distance reads as a terracotta volume, shaped by surrounding ridge lines and building setbacks: it acts as a stitch in the streetscape, responding to the requirements of context using a familiar palette.

2014 ThinkBrick Roof Tile Excellence Award

2012 Houses Awards High Commendation - Heritage

Landscape Architecture by Carmichael Studios.

Photography: Ben Hosking