Home: Real and Ideal

Art + Architecture 11

Boutwell Draper Gallery, Redfern, N.S.W, 2011

In 2011 we were asked by Boutwell Draper Gallery to participate in their annual Art + Architecture exhibition. Each architect presented two works; one being a real home (we presented our House 6 project) alongside our idea for an ideal home.

Our ideal home wouldn't be like a conventional house: it could be part ruin, part campsite; part solid, part light. It would use existing materials alongside hi-tech materials. We would use a rheological (soft-solid) polymer based material; a material that could bend, flex, stretch, open, shut expand and contract. This material would be held in place by solar power, sound waves, tidal energy and rope.

Our ideal home would be a responsive home, responding to mood, climate, time of day or the number of people living in it.

It would be beautiful and fun.