Annandale House

Annandale, NSW

Set behind an existing weatherboard cottage, a series of interlocking masonry volumes are placed to gain the maximum amount of light and air.

A new lightwell was created immediately behind the cottage, followed by three new brick volumes which slide down the southern side of the site. Each volume is thinner than the next like the tubes of a telescope, enabling the site to be opened up along the northern side to maximize valuable open space.

This is a robust house for a busy family of four. Raw yet sophisticated, the house provides calm spaces for living that engage with its occupants and re-considers the essentials of what’s needed in a contemporary family home.

2017 Australian Institute of Architects Alterations + Additions, NSW Chapter SHORTLIST

2017 HOUSES Awards Alterations and Additions Under 200m2 and House in a heritage Context SHORTlIST

Landscape design: Sue Barnsley Design

Photography: Michael Nicholson