Baranga WooHoo!

AA Unbuilt Works 2010 Proposal

Consider the ground zone of our cities. Often it is designated for retail use, blocked out to gain maximum lettable space. Value is calculated in plan view...

BarangaWooHoo proposes a commercial trigger to start the proposal: what if we calculated lettable area in section and elevation instead of just in plan? If we maximized vertical surfaces by creating diverse meandering public zones, could we create smaller spaces let for a more diverse range of people and uses? This could then free up the ground plane of the city as a more egalitarian space, which could be moved around, utilized and changed more freely than a traditional street and block urban plan.

BarangaWooHoo also proposes to change the way a city tower occupies the ground plane by limiting the way they touch the ground only to necessary service points (loading bays, car park entries, lift and stair access and necessary structural support points). Wall to wall foyers and retail blocks are removed, enabling the ground plane to be freed up for small, flexible, interactive and innovative spaces.